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Can GMRS radio have removable antenna?

FCC clearly stipulates that GMRS hand-held portable radio that have the capability to transmit digital data, the antenna must be a non-removable integral part of the GMRS unit. That is the portable handheld gmrs radio must have a fixed antenna.  ...

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FAQ For Retevis RA85 GMRS walkie talkie

Retevis RA85 is a 5W GMRS walkie talkie with NOAA function, It has a full keyboard, plus a frequency measurement function, is very suitable for outdoor use, and connect to gmrs repeater use, you can use it to meet daily family communication, emergency communications, family outdoor activities,  gmrs ham repeater communication and other activities.   ...

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GMRS Radio Communications Set Work In Case Of Emergency

The GMRS Radio Communications Set includes Retevis RB27 GMRS handheld walkie-talkie and Retevis RA25 mobile GMRS vehicle radio, which can help you keep in communication with others and help you get help in the first time in case of emergency.  ...

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Say Hello to RA25 Mobile GMRS bundles for your Farm

Retevis RA25 mobile GMRS radio inherits our pioneering tradition in the field of two-way radio technology and is specially designed for Fram people who operate agricultural machinery. This powerful GMRS radio is compact and powerful. The broadcast power it provides is 10 times that of traditional handheld GMRS two-way radios.  ...

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Meet julio llorent-Use Retevis RT76P GMRS Radio in Community care workers working

Retevis RT76P is a GMRS handheld two way radio, with FCC certifictaion, fully illegal GMRS Radio in the United States, support connect GMRS repeater, fit for Community care workers working, it will help you make the radio communication longer distance and easy.  ...

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Most Cost-Effective Mobile GMRS Radio Set -Retevis RA25

For agricultural machinery operators, there is nothing more exciting than having a cost-effective and easy-to-operate mobile radio set, which can greatly improve your farming and harvesting efficiency.The Retevis RA25 GMRS mobile radio set is your choice!  it’s the most cost-effective mobile GMRS Radio on the market. And with Retevis commitment to quality, reliability, and special features, it’s a GMRS device you can trust.  ...

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How to operate the wireless copy function of Retevis RB26 GMRS handheld walkie talkie

Retevis RB26 GMRS walkie talkie is the best selling mini handheld GMRS walkie talkie, with wireless copy function, also called wireless data transmission between walkie-talkies without programming software, which is very easy and convenient, this blog mainly introduces the wireless copy function of Retevis RB26 GMRS walkie talkie.  ...

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Retevis RA25-Best Selling GMRS Mobile Radio 2021

Retevis RA25 Mini mobile GMRS radio with FCC certification, Support external speakers, with functions such as scanning, monitoring, scrambling, companding, reversing, disconnection, busy lock, emergency alarm, etc. Beautiful appearance, sturdiness, durability, small size, excellent performance, Retevis RA25 Mini mobile GMRS radio is the best selling GMRS radio.  ...

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Retevis RB26 Long Range GMRS Radio for camping

Retevis RB26 GMRS handheld walkie-talkie is the best selling mini GMRS walkie talkie, it is very popular among outdoor camping families. The addition of the Retevis RB26 GMRS walkie-talkie makes family outdoor camping activities and communication more convenient and children’s individual activities safer.  ...

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How to choose the right GMRS walkie-talkie from Retevis Solutions

In Retevis Solutions stores, there are six GMRS handheld walkie talkies. In addition to different appearances, their functions are also different, this blog starts from the functions of Retevis GMRS radio and helps you understand how to choose the GMRS walkie talkie that suits you.  ...

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