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Black Friday Promotion Season - Three Great Value GMRS Walkie Talkies!

During the Black Friday promotion, these three GMRS two way radios are very suitable as gifts for friends or family. Retevis rb19p, retevis ha1g, retevis rb75, these three gmrs walkie talkie are currently very popular radios. Very suitable as a Thanksgiving gift.  ...

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Retevis Solutions Golden October Promotion-2021

Retevis Solutions did activities for the GMRS two way radio, long-distance handheld business walkie-talkie, and a complete set of walkie-talkie solutions on the website.  ...

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National Farmers Day – Promotions continue!

October 12th is National Farmers Day in the United States, an annual event that honors the workers who provide food and supplies to the country. The contributions of these workers include providing a safe, sustainable and secure food supply, as well as providing employment opportunities and stimulating the rural economy. retevissolutions discount promotion! Support farmers, support agricultural development! All products are discounted.  ...

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Retevissolutions September Activity Season - Boosting Agricultural Harvest

retevissolutions promotion to help agricultural harvest. All products are discounted. From NOAA two way radios to mobile radios suitable for tractors, to repeaters for base station construction, discounts are prepared for everyone.  ...

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Retevis Solutions GMRS Radio Harvest Season Big Sale——2023

Retevissolutions is getting ready for the growing season and the upcoming massive harvest! Retevissolutions GMRS radio mid-year promotion! All items are discounted! The lowest price of the year, a rare opportunity, don't miss it! RT29, NR30, RB86 and RT97 are very suitable intercom and mobile radio for farm use.  ...

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2023 Christmas gift recommendation-mobile radio suitable for farm tractors

The bells of Christmas have been ringing. In this season of blessings and laughter, we look forward to harvest and reunion. At this special moment, choosing a suitable tractor mobile platform for your farm will bring you more convenience and benefits. During the Christmas period, discounts continue, and RT98, RA86, and RT9000d are all at super low prices!  ...

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The Most Ideal GMRS Analog Repeater - Retevis RT97S

The RT97S repeater is not only a very practical tool for extending call distance, but also suitable for building your own base station. And the RT97S package comes with a car charging cable, which can also be carried on the vehicle, making it very convenient for rescue activities such as fire rescue and disaster relief. The RT97S has an additional DB-9 female connector for adding external controllers for connection purposes, enabling networking.  ...

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What kind of walkie talkie should you choose for your children to keep safe in Halloween?

GMRS walkie talkie for children can help children on the farm run farther on Halloween, it can allow children to maintain instant communication with their families at a greater distance, and ensure the safety of children during Halloween activities.  ...

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Retevis RT97 GMRS Repeater Bundle Benefits

Retevis RT97 GMRS repeater with GMRS antenna and low loss coax cable bundle is the best selling GMRS repeater bundle in the USA, it can double extend your gmrs radios talking range, make you get a longer talking range, clear and stable calls.  ...

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