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Are you ready for the Double Eleven Shopping Carnival?

The annual Double Eleven Shopping Festival is approaching, are you ready to welcome this shopping spree? On this special day, reveissolutions is also carrying out a variety of activities to assist you in choosing a suitable radio.  ...

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Retevis Solutions Golden October Promotion-2021

Retevis Solutions did activities for the GMRS two way radio, long-distance handheld business walkie-talkie, and a complete set of walkie-talkie solutions on the website.  ...

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2023 Christmas gift - RT97 repeater component own base station

Repeaters have the function of amplifying, forwarding and enhancing signals, and can transmit signals to longer distances or weaker signal coverage areas, thus expanding the signal transmission distance and coverage. retevis RT97 is a 10w analog repeater that supports UHF, VHF, GMRS and customized frequencies. It is very suitable for building base stations and is very suitable for use in farms, pastures, warehouses and shopping malls.  ...

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The most suitable gift for your friends working on a farm on Halloween in 2023

Recommended Halloween gifts for 2023! retevissolutions helps you choose the right Halloween gift for your friends or family. The gifts recommended for you today are perfect for your friends who work on a farm or ranch. The gifts are retevis rb17p, retevis ra86, retevis rt97s and retevis rt97 bundle.  ...

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National Farmers Day – Promotions continue!

October 12th is National Farmers Day in the United States, an annual event that honors the workers who provide food and supplies to the country. The contributions of these workers include providing a safe, sustainable and secure food supply, as well as providing employment opportunities and stimulating the rural economy. retevissolutions discount promotion! Support farmers, support agricultural development! All products are discounted.  ...

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Retevissolutions September Activity Season - Boosting Agricultural Harvest

retevissolutions promotion to help agricultural harvest. All products are discounted. From NOAA two way radios to mobile radios suitable for tractors, to repeaters for base station construction, discounts are prepared for everyone.  ...

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Retevis Solutions GMRS Radio Harvest Season Big Sale——2023

Retevissolutions is getting ready for the growing season and the upcoming massive harvest! Retevissolutions GMRS radio mid-year promotion! All items are discounted! The lowest price of the year, a rare opportunity, don't miss it! RT29, NR30, RB86 and RT97 are very suitable intercom and mobile radio for farm use.  ...

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The Best Father's Day Gifts for Dad in 2023

FOn Father's Day in 2023, Retevis Solutions also ushered in the third Father's Day since the opening of the new website. We're gearing up for Father's Day with some huge deals, and we've compiled a list of the perfect Christmas gifts for dad. I hope all dads can receive satisfactory Father's Day gifts.Such as gmrs two way radios,gmrs mobile radios, and repeater bundles are very practical Father's Day gifts. During the activity period, the price will drop up to 22% off!  ...

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Retevis GMRS Radios for sale in Big discount in July-Augest 2022

The best price GMRS radios for sale. Get a Big Discount and Free delivery of GMRS radios from Retevis Solutions, enjoy the best price and the best aftersale service for your GMRS radios,  ...

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5 Best Father's Day Gifts for Dad 2021

On Father’s Day in 2021, Retevis Solutions has also encountered the first Father’s Day since the opening of the new website. We have prepared a huge discount to welcome the arrival of Father’s Day and hope that all dads can receive satisfactory Father’s Day gifts.  ...

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